Giulio Pasqualetti

Hello, my name is Giulio Pasqualetti and I am a Master Student of Physics at LMU Munich. My main interests encompass ultracold atoms, quantum optics and quantum information. I am also interested in (GNU/Linux) system administration, algorithms design and machine learning.

I have been co-founder and part of the executive committee of AISF, the Italian Association of Physics Students, and I have participated in the organization of several of its events, including Lights of Tuscany (LoT) and the XXXII International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS).

Things I Do

This is what I usually do:

  • Study physics
  • Write code in Python, C, Bash
  • Read and watch science fiction
  • Deal with people
  • Use Arch Linux
  • Drink much coffee

Uh? A serious list? Ok, I'll try again:

If you are interested in more details, you can contact me and ask for my resumé.


Here there are some of my activities or works publicly available.

ICPS 2017

ICPS 2017

I've been part of the organizing committee for the International Conference of Physics Students 2017.

ICPS is a conference that sees every year the participation of 400+ physics students from all over the world, gathered for a mix of scientific, social and touristic programs. I've been the IT manager of the XXXII edition (Torino, 7-14 August 2017).

Many Body Localization

Disorder & Localization

A seminar part of the cycle Many-body physics with ultracold atoms, LMU Sommersemster 2017.

[Handout] Starting from the tight binding Hamiltonian, I introduce the concept of disorder and describe the Anderson localization. After the introduction of an interaction term, I focus on Many Body Localization and try to characterize it. I finally present some experimental results.

Lights of Tuscany

Lights of Tuscany

An international event I organized in Pisa in December 2015 for the International Year of Light.

In December 2015, 44 international physics students were given the possibility to come to Pisa and learn more about light and light-related technologies, visiting some of the most important research facilities in Tuscany such as LENS, the Physics Department of the University of Pisa, VIRGO, NEST and TeCIP.

Presentation for the IYL

International Year of Light: perspectives and opportunities

My talk at the Italian Conference of Physics Students 2015 (in Italian).

In January 2015 I participated as a volunteer to the Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Light at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. In May I gave a talk at the Italian Conference of Physics Students in which I tried to explain the potentialities of the IYL.

Presentation for Linux Day 2014

Perché Arch Linux?

My talk at Linux Day 2014 (in Italian).

Abstract: Perché nella galiassia delle distribuzioni esistenti un utente desktop dovrebbe scegliere proprio Arch Linux? Nel corso del talk verranno illustrate le idee alla base del “Metodo Arch” e della filosofia KISS, la potenza di pacman (il gestore di pacchetti di Arch), e di ABS. Verrà infine fatto qualche paragone con alcune delle maggiori distribuzioni disponibili.

Presentation of GISKARD


My work for the final exam at high school (in Italian).

All'esame di stato ho portato come elaborato la costruzione di un piccolo robot basato su Raspberry Pi che ho chiamato GISKARD in onore del celebre robot asimoviano.

Presentation on the Golden Ratio

La sezione aurea: il linguaggio matematico della bellezza

A presentation I prepared in 2011 for middle school children (in Italian).

Ogni anno il liceo scientifico XXV Aprile organizza una settimana di eventi dedicati all'orientamento per i ragazzi delle scuole medie. Per l'edizione 2011 ho tenuto una breve esposizione sulla sezione aurea e ho deciso di rendere pubbliche le diapositive utilizzate.

Contact Me

You can send me an email with the form below. However, I suggest that you use your favourite email client and sign/encrypt the email with GnuPG. Here my public key (4096R/2CBEB710).